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What is Deliverance Prayer?

Deliverance prayer focuses on coming out of agreement with lies, encountering truth, breaking curses, confessing sin, forgiveness and lastly casting out anything demonic that may be oppressing you. It sounds more dramatic than it is but the results can be very dramatic! The ministry of Jesus was to destroy the works of the devil and it’s our ministry too. Most people know they need a breakthrough in their lives. We have seen many people who suffer from physical illnesses healed once they received deliverance prayer. As a believer if you are experiencing a block of some kind, cannot seem to move forward, lack freedom in Christ, have chronic sickness, fear, depression, emotional problems or have been involved in cults or the occult in the past it’s possible you need deliverance.

What should you expect?
How long does deliverance prayer take?
I still have questions about deliverance?
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Additional Deliverance Training

Discover a proven and effective deliverance ministry process to set the captives free! Deliverance ministry is the driving out of demons. Jesus did it, he trained the disciples to do it and He called the church to continue (Mark 16:17). We believe deliverance ministry is for today and that believers can be trained to do it effectively. We also understand it's not only driving out demons but dealing with root issues, lies and strongholds that allow the enemy access to people's lives. That's why we also include a process of discovering truths that will set others free (John 8:32). Do you have a desire to learn more? Do you want to go deeper and begin or enhance your own ministry? There is no fear or need for theatrics to drive out demons. You have authority in Jesus Name (Luke 10:19).  We have trained thousand of pastors, leaders, and congregations all over the world.  It's our desire to see you bring others into the freedom Christ purchased for them. 



"My wife and I were praying for a woman with a tumor. She was scheduled to have surgery later that week. When we started praying she began to experience sharp pain in the middle of her back. I discerned it was some sort of occult activity. After a few questions, she confirmed in her past she had dabbled in the occult. We had her repent for her past actions then commanded infirmity and occult spirits to leave her in Jesus' name. The pain stopped and the demons left. Later she found out the tumor was gone and no surgery was necessary. Praise God."


Resources & Upcoming Events

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