Discover a proven and effective deliverance ministry process to set the captives free! Deliverance ministry is the driving out of demons. Jesus did it, he trained the disciples and He also called the church to continue it (Mark 16:17). We believe deliverance ministry is for today and that believers can be trained to do it effectively. We also understand it's not only driving out demons root issues, lies and strongholds that allow the enemy access to people's lives. That's why we also include a process of discovering truths that will set them free (John 8:32). Do you have a desire to learn more? Do you want to go deeper and begin or enhance your own ministry? There is no fear or need for theatrical performances to drive out demons. You have authority in Jesus Name (Luke 10:19).  We have trained thousands of pastors, leaders, and congregations all over the world.  It's our desire to see you bring others in the freedom Christ purchased for them. 

Resource for training including manuals, books, and an online course is located on this website. "Freedom Healing Deliverance" Seminars are available periodically. However, we are looking for churches, healing rooms and bible/ministry schools that would like to host a seminar or training as well. Contact us at

Freedom, Healing & Deliverance Seminars

These one-day seminars, taught by Pastor Stuart Greer, are practical and interactive. The seminar is three sessions and includes a group deliverance but can be modified to fit your group calendar. Sign up below for upcoming seminars or host a seminar.

Topics covered include:

A call to battle 
What is a demon? 
Can Christians have demons?
Our authority in Christ
Practical instructions 
No fear 
Weapons of warfare 
Essential elements for victory
Access points & open doors
Dealing with fear, rejection, and curses
Walking out freedom
Questions & Answers

and more



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It's time to walk in the freedom Christ purchased for us.