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Sometimes Freedom Requires Deliverance

Deliverance prayer involves forgiveness, repentance, discovering lies you have believed and encountering God's truth, breaking curses, counseling and lastly casting out anything demonic that may be oppressing you. It sounds more dramatic than it is but the results can be very dramatic! The ministry of Jesus was to destroy the works of the devil and it's our ministry too. Most people know when there in need of a personal breakthrough in their lives. We have seen many people who suffer from physical illnesses healed once they received deliverance prayer. As a believer if you are experiencing a block of some kind, cannot seem to move forward, lack freedom in Christ, have chronic sickness, fear, depression, emotional problems or have been involved in cults or the occult in the past it’s possible you need deliverance.

What Should I Expect?

First, you should expect freedom in Jesus name! This ministry is called deliverance prayer and is considered a form of pastoral counseling, not professional counseling.  Stuart is an ordained pastor and minister, not licensed professional counselor. We cannot control God or promise what He will do. Only that I along with other members of our team will do our best to work with God on your behalf and for His glory. What usually happens in this type of ministry is the individual experiences a push towards personal freedom, wholeness and at times physical healing. Often additional work is necessary for a person to attain the complete freedom God desires. It may be advisable for the person to receive help from a professional counselor as well.​

How Long Does It Take?

You can set an Appointment through this website. Appointments are three hours long and you must bring a completed questionnaire on this website. It’s essential that you are sincere when completing this questionnaire. We use it to assess potential problems quickly and to help you discover possible life patterns, demonic strategies, lies you have believed, and unforgiveness that has kept you from moving forward. 

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