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Working from Home

Breakthrough & Freedom
For High-Impact Leaders


About Deliverance

Even the most accomplished and influential leaders may have personal struggles that can impede their growth and effectiveness. Whether you are a successful influencer or a seasoned leader, unresolved issues or aspects of your life may require personal healing. If neglected, these challenges can result in setbacks in your personal and professional life.

Stuart is a devoted mentor and coach who guides high-achieving individuals toward personal breakthroughs and helps them overcome obstacles limiting their potential. His ultimate objective is to empower you to fully realize your capabilities and achieve sustained success in all areas of your life.

Stuart's approach to coaching is compassionate and straightforward, and he is passionate about helping his clients reach their fullest potential. He possesses a thorough understanding of human behavior and is skilled at assisting clients in identifying and resolving underlying issues that may be blocking their progress. He excels at helping individuals create a solid foundation for personal growth and transformation.

Stuart's unique coaching approach includes diverse, powerful strategies to help you achieve personal breakthroughs and long-lasting transformation. He can help you in a variety of ways, including:

  • Uncovering and addressing internal blind spots and limiting beliefs may hinder your personal growth and healing.

  • Identifying and resolving unhealthy relational dynamics within your family, friendships, and professional relationships.

  • Overcoming any limiting beliefs about God that may be holding you back.

  • Breaking free from cycles of shame and addiction, including challenges like lack of intimacy in marriage, pornography addiction, substance abuse, overspending, and other issues common among high achievers.

  • Achieving freedom through deliverance from the things that are holding you back.

  • Providing you with the insight, wisdom, and guidance you need to partner with God in your life and fulfill your Kingdom assignment.

Whether you are an emerging leader, a high performer, or a seasoned executive, sometimes just one or two breakthroughs can help you achieve your full potential. Stuart recognizes that your personal growth and healing can profoundly impact your professional life and those around you.

While some refer to Stuart's approach as spiritual consultations, others describe it as life coaching or a unique blend of styles. Regardless of how you label it, one thing is sure: working with Stuart means experiencing personal breakthroughs and newfound freedom.

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